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Grooming Trail

Groomer headed down Zealand Trail

Twin Mountain Connector Bridge

You can see this bridge on Route 3 on your way into town

TMSC New Groomer

Picture courtesy of Miram Desantis- Thank you!

Wildlife - Moose

Wildlife - Moose 

themed object

Snowmobile Capital of the White Mountains


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2017-2018 Maps- New maps are available in December of each year.  You can buy them online and we will mail to you when they are ready. You can purchase a map thru Pay Pal or thru local businesses in town such as Foster's Crossroads General store on Route 3 or Garneau's Garage on Route 302 West.  Local lodging and dining in the area also have our maps for sale.

Trailer Parking- You can park and ride from Zealand Parking Lot and Fabyan's Station (Dining) on Route 302 East of Route 3.  Parking is also available at the Twin Mountain Rec area, the entrance is on Route 3 before the bridge of the Route 302 junction light.

2019  2017 Raffle Information


Twin Mountain Snowmobile Registration Locations

Garneau's Garage (Skidoo/BRP dealership) - Join our club and/or register your machine

Foster's Crossroads General Store- Join our club and/or register your machine


Please support our Business Club Contributors as they are supporting you !! Let them know you saw their Ad on the TMSC website.


                ** 2018 TMSC Winter Raffle Winners **

1st prize  George Brodeur, Sr., Twin Mountain, NH    Snowmobile   

2nd prize      Jeff Stevens-Middleton, NH        $100  

3rd prize       David Lataash-Rhode Island        $50  

4th prize      Ken Dunn -Nashua NH             $25 

5th prize    Donna Hamrock        $25 

Congrats to all the winners and thank you for your support !!


We would like to give a BIG thanks to all the land owners who allow access to the snowmobile trails in our area & sincerely appreciate their support -stay on the trails!

Your memberships help with trail maintenance, grooming and equipment year round so your support of our club is needed & appreciated.

Please remember that when you join our club $10 from your membership fee is paid to the NHSA for their support of snowmobiling in the state of NH. You can sign up to receive the Snowtraveler magazine on our membership form also. 



Have a safe and great riding season !!

Recommended Practice for Passing By a Groomer
Approved by NHSA Map and Trails Committee   

1.  For oncoming sleds:  The sleds should pull off the trail and allow the groomer to pass by.

2.  For sleds overtaking the groomer:  The groomer operator should find a safe spot to pull over and stop.  The sleds can then check to see if they can safely pass by the groomer.

Note: The operator will not signal for sleds to pass by. 

Reason:  Each rider must take responsibility for passing by the groomer safely.

NH Statute Governing Passing by a Groomer

215-C:8 Operation of Snowmobiles.

Section III b, Item 3:
   10 miles per hour at trail junctions or parking lots, or when passing trail grooming equipment.  

 Riding SnowmobileSome courtesies to observe on our trail system:

1. Curfew hour is 11:00pm through inhabited areas.

2. Please do not litter on the trail system.

3. WARNING: Grooming equipment is in operation at any time, use caution.

4. Observe speed limits and stay on marked trails (especially early season).


TMSC Officers for 2017-2018 Season


Don Monahan

Vice President

Cyndi Smith


$ Karen Horsch $


Don Monahan

Trail Master

Brian Mycko

Trail Admin

Harold Garneau


Bill McFarlane


Wayne Garneau


Paul Lemieux


Jack Sullivan


Ian Boyke


Can u guess who?

Last Update:3/8/2018

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