Grooming Trail

Groomer headed down Zealand Trail

Twin Mountain Connector Bridge

You can see this bridge on Route 3 on your way into town

TMSC New Groomer

Picture courtesy of Miram Desantis- Thank you!

Wildlife - Moose

Wildlife - Moose 

themed object

Snowmobile Capital of the White Mountains


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A new procedure in place to join our club.  The NHSA link is provided below, this automated process is quick and you will get your registration voucher via email.  You can then print and bring it with you when your register your snowmobile. Once your account is set up with NHSA you can login in and join our club easily each year.  Snail mail is elimiated !!

Please click on NHSA logo below, set up a account and choose our club in the list of NHSA Club members.  We appreciate your support. 

NHSA Membership 

The Next best option is PayPal.  Please click on the box below to use PayPal.

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The slowest & least preferred way to join our club is SNAIL MAIL - as it takes appoximately 2 weeks to receive your information.            

Membership Form to Print-PDF

USE PDF Form below, Print and mail to: TMSC, PO Box 179, Twin Mt., NH 03595

Membership Form to print  <<< Click Here




All memberships are valid July 1st to June 30th

Any form not legible will not be accepted. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.

A1l of our memberships fees are inclusive of NHSA Dues.

$10 of your membership dues entitles you to membership in NHSA and a 1-year subscription to Snow Traveler magazine.
Our Membership Dues including NHSA -----------------------------$35.00

You can join our club, purchase our trail map and make a donation using PayPal which is a secure & quick process.   Your information will be emailed shortly after the transaction....avoid mail delays. 


Thank you for your support




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